Anna Jacobs Collection 7 Books Set


Anna Jacobs Collection 7 Books Set (The Northern Lady, Persons of Rank, Marrying Miss Martha, Mistress of Marymoor, Replenish the Earth, Seasons of Love, An Independent Woman)

The Northern Lady:

When beautiful Cassandra Trent is told that she must join her aunt in London, the twenty-year-old is full of rage. Brought up in the Northern town of Bardsley, she wants nothing to do with polite society.

Persons of Rank:

Persons of rank do not fall in love! So declares the Dowager as she sends her niece Beatrice to London in search of a suitable husband for her granddaughter, Eleanor.

Marrying Miss Martha:

When Captain Merridene dies, his daughters Martha and Penelope are left penniless. They take an unusual job offer as teachers in the distant town.

Mistress of Marymoor:

Since her father died, Deborah Jannvier has been living under the provision of her callous uncle. So when a handsome stranger named Matthew Pascoe appears bearing a summons from a long-lost wealthy relative, Deborah agrees to return to Marymoor House with Matthew.

Replenish the Earth:

It is 1735. When her mother dies penniless, Sarah Mortonby is shocked to discover she has inherited a wealthy estate. Advised to sell the crumbling manor house to her neighbour, Matthew Sewell, she visits and decides to keep it instead.

Seasons of Love:

Despite being the daughter of a clergyman with a strict and joyless attitude to life, Helen Merling has a loving heart and a happy nature. However, when she is seduced by a travelling actor, a handsome rogue she meets at the market.

An Independent Woman:

As the Great War ends Serena Fleming is due an inheritance that could free her from a bullying father. But little does she know how far he will go to prevent her leaving home.



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