Amazing Machines Truckload Children Collection Tony Mitton 10 Books Box Set


Amazing Machines Truckload Children Collection Tony Mitton – 10 Books Set 

Amazing Aeroplanes 

A plane is big and heavy, yet it climbs up really high. It zooms along the runway and soars into the sky. 

Flashing Fire Engines 

Join the brave animal fire fighters as they rush up to blazing buildings, hose down sizzling flames and save the day using their fabulous fire engine.’ 

Cool Cars 

Cars are really handy for getting us around. They whizz about on busy roads and make a zoomy sound. 

Roaring Rockets 

Perfect for machine-mad toddlers! 

Brilliant Boats 

Come aboard with a crew of wacky animal sailors in this bright and breezy picture book. Machine-mad preschoolers will love learning about all different types of boats – from sailboats and fishing trawlers to ferries and luxury liners. 

Super Submarines 

To listen to the story and follow along with page turn cues. This popular picture book series makes learning about vehicles more fun than ever before. Each of the ‘Amazing Machines’ books features lively rhyming text and bold, bright pictures of fun animal characters. 

Dazzling Diggers 

In Dazzling Diggers, a wacky animal crew takes charge, inviting children to join them on the building site. This text makes learning about machines fun for young children. 

Tough Trucks 

From rubbish trucks to concrete mixers, from tippers to tankers, this jolly picture book includes all different types of trucks. Machine-mad preschoolers can go along on a fantastic truck ride, learning about where the drivers eat and sleep while they are on the road. 

Tremendous Tractors 

Climb aboard a tractor with a trio of friendly farmers in this playful picture book. Covering everything from planting seeds and ploughing to harvesting crops, this jolly book provides a fun introduction to farm vehicles – always a favourite theme for preschoolers. 

Terrific Trains 

Join a wacky animal trio on a terrific journey by train as they whizz along the track, slow down for a level crossing, rumble through a tunnel and pull up finally at the station in this picture story book for the youngest of readers.’


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